Europol. NIS  Directive.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Cyber security technology that addresses the need for continuous monitoring security software to detect, investigate, and remove any malicious software that penetrates a network’s devices and response to advanced threats. It can use with a great amount of independence and autonomy.

Managed security

We are able to provide a managed security service what is in compliance with various standards.. It is important that organisations have visibility into what their trusted employees, privileged users and contractors are doing at any time on the network and what is happening to their sensitive data, and maintain compliance - without impacting on user privacy.

Policy Planning

With compliance comes the need for Policies and Processes to safeguard your information. We work closely to develop policies that meet the needs of compliance. 

Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery

Back up and Disaster Recovery is vital for Business continuity. We have access to various cloud based hosts to help with Backing up and Disaster Recovery. Also planning for that moment and getting your business up and running quickly.


With the advent of GDPR comes the need to be compliant, With the aid of products we can help achieve compliance and keep it up to date.

Privacy Statement

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